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Fic Positivity Feedback Meme


inspired by previous feedback memes

since leaving authors positive comments is all the rage right now, this is a catch-all feedback meme for all any of your favorite authors! want to compliment an author's writing in general, not just a specific fic? this is the place to do it!

anonymous commenting is on.

1. writers: leave a comment with your username, writing journal, comm, or ao3. please also mention if you'd like constructive criticism since concrit can be positive!

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you can link your thread by copying the link in the (link) section of the comment, and pasting it elsewhere to plug your thread!

2. readers and commenters: leave a reply to the individual writer's thread (this can be done by clicking "reply to this" of the writer's comment to ensure that your reply is going to the right place) with your positive feedback.

please respect the authors' wishes if they would like concrit or not.

3. have fun and be kind! this is a post for fic positivity only :)

4. plugging your thread: use this code! or plug on tumblr!

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ao3: [ profile] failsafe

concrit is welcome :)
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I love how you write GLaDOS's POV in this fic--she's just so creepy and alien. And that bit at the beginning about GLaDOS forgetting things was particularly well done. As for stuff I didn't like as much, it got a bit confusing at points; specifically what happened to Chell, exactly. Still, a nice fic!
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[personal profile] we_protect_each_other 2017-08-08 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! This fic is basically about my headcanon of how the mechanic of 'death' in the Portal games works. I find that in both games there is a sort of lag between your experiencing something that kills you and it giving you the option to reload at your last save point. You kind of have to move a bit to get it to happen. I find that insanely creepy, but also interesting. In one bit of dialogue, GLaDOS jokes that she might take up reanimating the dead after you're gone, essentially suggesting you a hellish immortality of testing for her forever. I was kind of going with the idea that maybe this is already happening and that when Chell dies GLaDOS 'fixes' her with the other robots in the facility.